One Step Closer to Portland

new business cards

The new business cards have arrived! It is getting real up in the studio with over half of everything boxed up and the moving truck scheduled for the end of this week I still have the bare essentials at the ready to print and ship out print orders until the move happens. I have had to put carving projects on hold because it's not so easy to unbox that kind of thing on the fly. In the meantime I have just finished a new "Swan" pendant in silver that is for sale. Any and all support in helping with this move is appreciated and for those of you on the subscriber list the page I posted for the special offer is good thru the end of this week before it goes away. Time for me to get back to boxing up the shop...


We are Moving

It's official. The studio is moving south to Portland so there will be some major transitioning going on in the next month or two. If you are on the email list and opted to receive mailers you'll be getting one of these announcements in the mail with our new location and phone number before long. In the interim however, the land line is down and we are exploring a few options. We appreciate your patience and look forward to what is to come in the new chapter ahead.


Mural Complete

The second mural for Camp Nor'wester is finished and I managed to get the energy to do some voice over this time. Mainly for the locals who are more familiar with Kwakwaka’wakw iconography in confusing the double headed serpent with the Sisiutl. Enjoy.


Upcoming works for Tacoma

For years I have been asked why I don't show my work in Tacoma, the city I've called my home for many years. The answer was quite simple and remains, the market for galleries has been minimal. I've made a big decision this year, to move the studio south and in doing so I wanted to at least show somewhere in town local. I was approached by Jamie Brooks to display work after we met at an event a couple years back. She has a studio on Antique row located on Market street where she has artists show work. It is not a gallery space but it has housed many local artists signifacant to the community and therefore I've taken up her offer.

Next month we are doing an opening so be sure to sign up on the mailing list to receive details. Space will be limited but we will do our best to accommodate you all. This is precursor to a show I will be having in October at Stonington gallery in Seattle later in the Fall.

I am hoping to showcase the new silver work and some experimental metal pieces. I've finding a balance between designing in my 3d program merging with hand carved elements as in this case (above) the base for the whale fin. Be on the look out for more soon.


Silver on the horizon

When the fashion launch happened I had great ambitions to do silver engraved earrings, pendants and bracelets that I'd longed to do for years. Unfortunately, fashion is complex and there were many unforeseen hurdles to get the launch to go as we had planned, such is life. Not only that but it had been nearly 10 years since I'd set my hand in the engraver block and to think it would just magically take fluency as though riding a bike. Well I'm happy to announce that I am working on new works in silver and dedicated to it so keep a look out for announcements on availability in the new silver tab I'm going to be launching next month.