Show preview

Super Moon off the press

As some of you who follow my work at Stonington Gallery in Seattle, Washington might have noticed, I have an exhibition coming up next month. I wanted to post an update so that those who attend are not surprised at the amount of work on display and to explain. This exhibit was planned over 6 months ago and at the time I was not planning to move my studio. At the middle of Summer I decided I would for personal reasons and needless to say it had a huge impact on my ability to produce work while in transition. As you've noticed with my previous postings I have been moving and unboxing with concentration on the office before I can even attempt to set the studio up. In the interim I am planning to work with friends in their local spaces until I can get the shop in order.

So I guess what I'm saying is, when the show opens it will be regarded as a 'preview' and that the full exhibition will roll out some time in the first quarter of next year. I will be sure to post announcements. It is disappointing but the good news is there is new creative juices flowing and the glass team I work with is based now within a 20min drive vs a 3hr one. As well, I've discovered that you really are reminded of who you are when you are when you are out of your setting and that I'm sure will be the case here. To new adventures.


Portland it is

the Washington studio's last photo

It's official now. The studio is now in Portland. It may be half in boxes but it's here. The office is up and running after a solid week of setting up new shelving but it's on now. The next thing to tackle will be the actual carving part of the studio which will be a lot of work as well. I will be honest, it was hard to take this last photo. I made a lot of work in there. So many memories of my son growing up playing in the shop night when I had hard deadlines to meet and he sported his first pair of carharts in there with his adze and wooden blade.

That said, I'm looking forward to making new memories in my new Portland studio friends and family alike. With respected artists Lillian Pitt, Paul Rowley and Adam McIsaac close by to name a few there should be some interesting creations to come out of the space once it goes live. Looking to the future for inspiration, stay tuned.


One Step Closer to Portland

new business cards

The new business cards have arrived! It is getting real up in the studio with over half of everything boxed up and the moving truck scheduled for the end of this week I still have the bare essentials at the ready to print and ship out print orders until the move happens. I have had to put carving projects on hold because it's not so easy to unbox that kind of thing on the fly. In the meantime I have just finished a new "Swan" pendant in silver that is for sale. Any and all support in helping with this move is appreciated and for those of you on the subscriber list the page I posted for the special offer is good thru the end of this week before it goes away. Time for me to get back to boxing up the shop...


We are Moving

It's official. The studio is moving south to Portland so there will be some major transitioning going on in the next month or two. If you are on the email list and opted to receive mailers you'll be getting one of these announcements in the mail with our new location and phone number before long. In the interim however, the land line is down and we are exploring a few options. We appreciate your patience and look forward to what is to come in the new chapter ahead.


Mural Complete

The second mural for Camp Nor'wester is finished and I managed to get the energy to do some voice over this time. Mainly for the locals who are more familiar with Kwakwaka’wakw iconography in confusing the double headed serpent with the Sisiutl. Enjoy.