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art reception on vashon

This is a quick announcement that I will be speaking at the Ravens Nest on Vashon Island on September 7th. There will be more info shortly. In conversation with the owner of the gallery they are having an opening artist reception which will include appearances by artists including myself and some activities surrounding the theme of the exhibit "Salmon". Some time ago I lent a design to the book published on the subject of the archaoligical history of the island. Not many know but this was the territory of the Puyallup people. I have a side project coming along in cooperation with author Jay Miller whom I recenlty worked with on the Chehalis tribal hotel project who has been researching village sites there. I have work in the exhibit and look forward to setting up a more in depth talk about the isalnd history and share local Native culture with the people who are interested in a visit at the venue. Please come back as more info becomes available.


White Raven Vector Video

Hey guys, so a commission came up that gave me a chance to showcase the new 60D Canon's video capabilities along with the Screenflow application I've been waiting to use to capture my software editing action. This is a quick run down of what my glass and cedar panel work has been like since 2000. I was asked to revisit a Raven panel with slight modifications so I took the old design and made adjustments given my design senses have changed a little. It's a delicate area as the client wants the work to be very close to the original but given it's not an edition I did my best to split the difference between replicating and starting over. I normally edit using a sketch under the Illustrator artboard but because I was quite certain what I wanted to do I created a few custom brushes and modified existing elements and redistributed them througout the design. I really discourage artists who aren't familiar with the vector process in cloning their shapes as it detracts from the art. In the sped up version you'll notice that even though I repurpose shapes I modify them so not to create abosilute repetition which detracts from the movement of the design. Hope you all enjoy part of the captured design process.