Balance (Wolves)

Balance (Wolves) silver mock sig 1920px.jpg
Balance (Wolves) silver mock sig 1920px.jpg
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Balance (Wolves)


Limited Edition Giclee on paper

Edition of 60

Printed on metallic silver paper

Hand signed

13"h x 13"w

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Inspired by the use of the yin yang symbol adopted by Japan in the 6th century that had ties to Yama No Kami. The legend tells of travelers who crossed the mountain ranges brought with them a wolf who would act as a guardian during the passage. This piece as all works are done in the Coast Salish design tradition using the motif as it's basis yet also a nod to the wolf guardians of our mountains and the first people of Puget Sound who also had their wolves as protectors.

This print is inspired from a trip and public work that is in the works for Kobe, Japan bridging cultures from the Seattle area to the port of Kobe's waterfront.