Frog + Crescent Moon

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frog and crescent moon.jpg

Frog + Crescent Moon


Limited Edition Giclee on paper

Edition of 50

17"h x 17"w

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Based on the carving done for the University of Washington, this print is inspired by Coast Salish mythology. Specifically, the Chief Sealth stories of which many tribes share variations

to. It is said that long ago two sister gazed upon the stars wishing to venture to the sky world. One day while digging roots for weaving they discovered a huge cedar tree that lead them into the sky world. There they met sky beings and the younger sister became pregnant. In their time there they longed to be with their family again and secretly wove rope to descend back to earth. The younger sister gave birth to this child who became a heraldic leader and was responsible for great things.


When his time came at age of becoming a man he decided to return to the sky world from which he came. Before leaving he needed a wife, one who was strong enough to carry a basket of the stories that summarized the mythology of his time. Many women lined up to rise to the challenge and in the line was Frog Woman. Many others laughed at her because she was not beautiful but this feat was not about beauty, when she came to her calling she lifted the basket putting all others to shame. When the couple ascended to the sky world we know the half human child as the moon. Today when you gaze upon him at the right time you can see frog woman and the basket of stories on her back.