Honor and Peace

SP04 honor and peace paper.jpg
SP04 honor and peace paper.jpg

Honor and Peace


Limited Edition Giclee on paper

Edition of 150

6.5"h x 19"w

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Created during a time of great confusion amidst the world with chaos and disarray keeping many nations in fear on a global scale this print emerged from an old sketch with faint patterns over it in my collection of works in progress. I had originally planned to create this as a glass piece sandblasted and mounted to cedar but the idea of printing this faint pattern caught my interest. It felt very compelling to use the characters to remind not only myself but those who saw it that Honor and Peace are in our hands. Symbolized by the Eagle and Frog this rather elaborate print explores the overlap in influences we today as artists have the freedom to explore.

Despite the woes of daily life and horrific tragedies we see and hear about in various forms of media, there is a stillness underneath it all that we can access if only we are willing to. As it is depicted here the Eagles that represent Honor, shelter the Frog which stands for Peace. Another aspect of this visual interplay is the need for interaction with one another. We often feel alone in the world but we have like minded spirits out there that are there whether we notice them or not, we are part of a global community and we are never alone. 


Released 2009